A Meta Description Observation

by Andrea Cinnamond on May 12, 2010

My daughter's birthday is coming up. She is almost five and fascinated by princesses so I am organizing supplies for a princess-themed party. I was in the process of placing my order with a cake decorating supply house when their online system crashed. Frustrating as I had a window of opportunity to take care of this and now I have to go back and do it later. Lucky for them I will be back because they had just what I was looking for. If that wasn't the case, I might find another supplier and place my order with them.

Birthday Cake

I am not sure if they know that they are having a problem so I thought I would call them and maybe place my order over the phone. I tried doing a Google search thinking that their phone number would be included in their description but it wasn't. Because it is an online store and I don't know where it is based I could not do a search with yellow pages.

All I can do now is wait and check back later to see if my order is still in the cart.

I know coaches and consultants who very purposefully put their phone number in the description that is returned by the search engine.

I think it is a great thing to do.

What do you think? Do you have your contact details in your website or web pages meta description?

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