Building Your Online Business

by Andrea Cinnamond on October 6, 2010

Last weekend I attended Andrea J Lee’s 3 day event, The Wealthy Thought Leader in San Francisco. It was my first trip away on my own since I had my first child 5 years ago and it was great. The event was small and intimate and Andrea had some very profound insight about being a thought leader.

I was surrounded by amazing individuals who had a dream and made it happen. As I listened to their stories, I realized that their success had not come overnight. They put one foot in front of another and with dedication, focus and time, built successful online businesses.

I will talk about the many things I learned at this meeting throughout the next days, weeks and months. The important lesson for today – just do it. Focus on the necessary steps and make it happen. If the steps are too big, make them smaller. If they are too small, make them bigger. Building your online business shouldn’t be a struggle but a labor of love. I am not saying that it will be easy.

It is easy to think about building something but the strength and accomplishment comes in the actual doing. For instance, I have read many articles and have thought to myself "I could have written that". But the point is, I didn’t and they did. It is all in the actual doing.

I have just committed to a year-long mentor program and will be making my business dreams come true.  I resisted but came to realize that having a clear and detailed road map and having an accountability partner/mentor is important so that I can move forward. I can't wait to get started.

What is it that you want to build? Put together a plan and find the support you need to make it happen.  Your idea is great! If not now, when?

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