Choices and Prosperity

by Andrea Cinnamond on March 7, 2014

prosperity-growthMy head has been spinning with the concept of prosperity and choices lately (thanks David!). Yesterday I was walking near my local mall and there was an impaired person (drugs or alcohol or both) on the ground and there was a paramedic attempting to treat him. He was a young man and I just couldn’t help but think about choices. It seemed to be that this person had been and was continuing to make poor choices for himself. We all make some poor choices at times but most of the time we aren’t causing ourselves harm. However there is always room for improvement in the choices we make. Being more conscious of the choices I make is a good first step. Understanding the belief systems that inform our decisions is crucial and is a life-long journey.

I was recently introduced to the Laws of Prosperity which has been fascinating. We are meant to prosper in every way possible. Flowers are given every opportunity to be the best they can be. Nothing is held back and they grow tall and strong and beautiful. Flowers don’t think things like "I’m not deserving of this rain" or "I am not as beautiful as that other flower" or "I am not enough". They just grow and make the best of their situation. Sometimes they aren’t planted in the right spot or have the best dirt but they do the best with what they have. We too are meant to prosper, to be successful, to have what we need.

In her book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, Catherine Ponder talks about how mental preparation comes first. She says

"But what a sense of freedom it give you to realize that whatever you center your attention upon steadily, constantly and deliberately in your thoughts, feelings and expectations forms the experiences of your life. When you realize this, life becomes easier, simpler and more richly satisfying. You then no longer feel that you have to argue, beg, reason, plead or appeal to anyone for your desired good. Instead, you quietly go to work in your thinking to mentally choose, mentally accept and mentally radiate what you wish to experience in life. It gives you a victorious feeling even before the rich results begin to pour in."

I love this for so many reasons. I believe that what we focus on becomes the truth. I also believe that building an online business can be simple. Simple does not mean easy or ineffective. We let things get complicated and then we become overwhelmed and sometimes it slows us down and often it stops us.

Thoughts for your week – Is there something that could be simpler? What steps need to change to take the complication away? Is there a choice that could be made differently? I always love to hear from you. One of the benefits of coaching and sharing is that it lets us connect and support each other. We are not meant to work and play alone.

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