Email followup is a crucial component of your business

by Andrea Cinnamond on December 17, 2014

email followup builds strong relationships for your online businessWhat do I say to my new prospects?

There are online tools that can automatically deliver your personalized email followup. That is the easy part. Aweber and Mailchimp are good options when starting out. Aweber has a monthly, quarterly or yearly payment option. Mailchimp has a monthly payment option or you can pay per autoresponder message that goes out. This is a good option when first starting out.

The harder part that slows us down (even stops some of us) is what do I say to my new subscribers?

I like to compare it to finding a new friend and developing deep friendship. I want to tell them things. I want to learn about them. I want to get to know them. I look for opportunities to get together with them – coffee, phone calls, movies, shopping. I don’t want to wait too long between encounters. This is also reminds me of dating and romance.

When a visitor signs up for your free awesome gift on your website, you send them a welcome message and a link to download their gift from you. Follow up that message with at least 5 or 10 messages that introduce yourself, share some more information, review your free gift, share an audio or video, invite them to offer information about themselves, and tell them what you love to do and how you can help them without being too salesy.

When someone signs up for your free gift, they are indicating to you that they are interested in your expertise, your knowledge and they are posed and want to learn more about you and your business.

Send these followup messages soon after they sign up. When you need a bandage, you need it now and your new prospects are looking for help now too.

If there was a dress sale down the street, I would want to know about it. Then I can decide if I want to investigate it further. There is so much that happens online that is invisible. I believe in letting others know what you do, what you offer and then let them make up their minds as to how they want to use that information.

Using automated email to educate, entertain and share great information with your network makes it easier for your ideal clients to say YES and be eager to work with you!!


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