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by Andrea Cinnamond on March 19, 2012

I love using Instant Teleseminar for my teleseminars and classes. The basic service gives you unlimited events, 20 phone lines and 100 web attendees and you can upgrade the account to give you unlimited events, 100 phone lines and 500 web attendees. The call is recorded and you can keep all your recordings in Instant Teleseminar.

instant teleseminar logo imageThe replays can be downloaded and you can put the recording on your web page without having to have any extra software to play the audio. I like to build resource pages for classes and programs – a page where all the handouts, transcripts and recordings for a program can be found. A sidenote – this class page can become the download page for your home study program.

For branding and ease of use they give you all the code to set everything up on your webpage – question input, chat etc which gives your website some more traffic. Click here to see a demonstration page I set up on my site demonstrating what is possible. You can have your participants have all the information about the call on a single page. They can even listen to the call on that page and submit questions. Quite cool!!

The call recording starts automatically 15 minutes before the call starts so that you never miss a recording. You can also start your recording manually when you are ready to start the call thereby removing the dead 15 minutes before your participants join the call. You can start and stop the recordings through the call to make a collection of short recordings. I have a coach who does this whenever he switches topic or is answering Q & A questions.

You can also upload a recording to the replay link if you want to edit your recording and then put it back up. There are some tricks so if you run into trouble, there are some notes that tell you the parameters for your recording. There is also a help desk that you can call when you run into problems uploading recordings.

The one downside of the Instant Teleseminar recording is that you can’t move backwards and forwards in the recording when using their player on the web. If you download the recording to iTunes then you can move around the recording with ease.

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