Is Fear Getting in the Way of Launching Your Big Idea?

by Andrea Cinnamond on March 18, 2016

a-better-acronym-for-fearA client of mine has big plans and asked about managing the fear that often keeps us stopped.

There is a famous acronym that you may be familiar with describing Fear (false evidence appearing real) but I prefer this one – Forgetting Everything’s All Right!

I suggested that the best way to get around fear is to get into action. I helped create a list of tasks to support her new project and suggested that they did not have to be done in any specific order. She could start with the easy things like create the Paypal button and a list in Aweber and move forward from there.

Once she gets into action, things will become more exciting and momentum builds. It is very often the little successes that help create our BIG successes.

I believe that getting into action also tells the universe that we are ready for bigger and better things.

Keep what you are building simple. Don’t overcomplicate it. Many of the most successful online businesses have a very simple offering. As an example, a year-long program with a single intake at the beginning at the year and an additional VIP 1:1 coaching program. The simplicity is breaktaking. This business model is not for everyone but I am always amazed at its simplicity.

Lead with your heart. Build a program that you would have loved to have discovered in your past and pepper in your personality and expertise. That is what I am doing. I am the person I wish I had met years ago when I was starting out.

Staying in action keeps me in the present and I don’t spend as much time thinking about the ‘what ifs.’

Is there something you want to build but are overwhelmed, don’t know where to start (and then don’t) or want to have support to keep you on track? Click here to complete a short strategy session application and let’s see how I can support your dreams as a mentor coach and implementation specialist.

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