Techie Tip – Infographics and Pinterest Tips

by Andrea Cinnamond on August 3, 2012

I am seeing so many cool info graphics out there and love them and want one for myself. I have connected with someone who will help with the graphics but now to work on the content. Anything can be made into a info graphic, especially those things that can be made into a list. Here is an example of a three-part list made into an info-graphic.

Another thing that you info graphic can be used for in on Pinterest. For service professionals, we struggle with how to use Pinterest. Using info graphics that are cool to look at AND are informative are perfect to share on Pinterest.

Here are two other tools to use with Pinterest. is a site that lets you move photos around into stacks that are perfect for tall pins on Pinterest. The dimensions for Pinterest content is 192 pixels and the box itself is 225 pixels wide.

Another idea for Pinterest is to take an image (I am not an expert in copyrights of images so be sure to check this out with the images that you are using) and add a quote to it. A friend of mine is doing a tele summit and she took photos of each of the participants and added a quote from each of them and then linked each of those ‘pins’ back to her new program that she is launching. See Lou Bortone and his quote here.

You can add a Pinterest link to your Facebook page and you can find that here at Show your Pinterest boards and pins as a tab on your Facebook page.

Here is an example of Sephora’s Facebook page. You can see the red Pinterest logo on the tab. This only works with your Facebook pages. When visitors click on this tab, they will see all the different ‘pins’ that you have created.

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