What business idea is in your heart?

by Andrea Cinnamond on January 22, 2014

still-on-your-mindIs this the year that you bring your passion and skills to help others and to help yourself?

If you are have had an idea for an online business and that thought keeps coming up, now is the time to do something about it.

The first step in my 5 Simple Steps has to do with identifying your Big Why, and looking at it from all sides. My first coaching business was based around an experience and process that I knew very well and I felt there was a missing part of personal support for those in the same situation. I tried it and it was not for me. I wrote lots of articles and was published in a few magazines but it drained me emotionally and I ran out of passion!

I have since discovered that I LOVE the internet and most (not all) of its intricacies, and I love working with motivated, passionate people with a great idea for their business, whether it be online or bricks and mortar.

What is on your mind for your business?? What thought keeps mysteriously popping into your mind? It is not a mystery!! It wants to move from being a dream to a reality!! Give these ‘wild thoughts’ some space and see what happens.

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